Suddenly, AI-Powered Threats Don’t Seem So Intelligent

Cosmos out-innovates adversaries with AI, providing faster and more accurate detection of threats to prevent patient zero.


The industry’s first IPS to stop zero-day attacks inline in real time

Employ industry-first prevention of zero-day threats with inline deep learning models that detect 96% of web-based Cobalt Strike and 90% of unknown injection attacks. Stop 48% more unknown command and control and 60% more zero-day exploits than traditional IPS solutions.

Network Security Guardians: Staying Ahead of Attackers to Protect the Digital Realm

Join Paolo and his team as they protect the digital realm and stay ahead of today’s attackers.

Block the Strike

Receive 5X more prevention against Cobalt Strike command and control.
Stop sophisticated unknown C2 attacks

Stop sophisticated unknown C2 attacks

Learn how Advanced Threat Prevention stops unknown C2 with inline deep learning.

Best-in-class IPS

Decrease risk by 45% and get a return on spend in six months versus stand-alone network threat protection.

Comprehensive coverage of zero-day attacks.

Comprehensive coverage of C2 attacks

The only solution to block unknown C2 attacks and exploit attempts in real time using Advanced Threat Prevention's industry-first, purpose-built inline deep learning models.

Protection without compromising performance

Protection without compromising performance

Safeguard your network from known threats, such as exploits, malware, spyware, and command and control attacks, with market-leading, researcher-grade signatures that don’t compromise performance.

Industry-leading prevention with accuracy.

Industry-leading prevention with accuracy.

Advanced Threat Prevention blocks threats at both the network and application layers, including port scans, buffer overflows and remote code execution, with a low tolerance for false positives.

Protect against malware with custom signatures

Protect against malware with custom signatures

Protect against the most recent and relevant malware with payload signatures, not hash, to block known and future variants of malware, and receive the latest security updates from Advanced WildFire® in seconds.

Complete visibility of all threats

Complete visibility of all threats

Leverage User-ID™, App-ID™ and Device-ID™ technology on our ML-Powered NGFWs to add context to all traffic on all ports so you never lose sight of a threat, regardless of the techniques used.

Snort and Suricata signature support

Snort® and Suricata® signature support

Add to your threat coverage with flexible Snort and Suricata rule conversion for customized protections.

Receive 5X more prevention against Cobalt Strike command and control than any other vendor.
Safeguard your organization with industry-first preventions

Safeguard your organization with industry-first preventions

Advanced Threat Prevention protects your network by providing multiple layers of prevention during each phase of an attack while leveraging deep and machine learning models to block evasive and unknown C2, and stop zero-day exploit attempts inline.

Preventing the unknown

Learn how Advanced Threat Prevention provides the real-time, inline protection you need to secure your organization from even the most advanced and evasive threats.

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The power of prevention

Protect your network against new and existing threats without impacting performance.

  • 6X


  • 7


  • 100%


Protect your network

Protect your network

Chat with our network security experts to learn how you can get real-time, inline protection against sophisticated threats with Advanced Threat Prevention.

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