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Sep. 13-14, 2022 | North America
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Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition

NEXT is hybrid work. NEXT is simple. NEXT is security for work-from-home employees.

Hear Experts from ZK Research and Palo Alto Networks

What is Okyo Garde

The Zero Trust Approach to Securing WFH Employees

Prisma Access

Work from Home: Security Risks to the Enterprise

On-demand Event

Security As Flexible As Today's Workforce

Watch this on-demand event and learn how to protect your enterprise from office to home with Prisma® SASE, including Okyo™ Garde Enterprise Edition and SD-WAN bandwidth on demand.
Security as Flexible as Today’s Workforce


Protecting the Home Protects the Enterprise


    Sensitive corporate work now resides within insecure and unmanaged work-from-home networks. Home networks are easy to attack, making lateral attacks a real concern. Okyo™ Garde smartly segments the corporate network from the personal network to prevent this.

    Many employees working from home use devices other than laptops, including printers, IP phones and development prototypes. These can’t be configured with agents or VPN, making them difficult to secure and manage. Okyo Garde gives IT and SOC teams the visibility and control to properly secure them.

    Employees expect the flexibility to work from home without compromising performance. Okyo Garde has a simple-to-use mobile app for easy setup. It offers ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 with optional mesh nodes for additional coverage. It’s a beautifully designed device that fits right at home.

    Employees can create a personal and completely private Wi-Fi network with Okyo Garde. It secures personal devices against common threats like malware, phishing, ransomware and more. Advanced user controls provide customized permissions, content filtering and access controls for each person on the personal network.

    With Prisma Access cloud management and Panorama, SOC/IR teams can gain visibility into home network risks and unify management of security policies. Okyo Garde also comes with dedicated end-user support to reduce calls to in-house IT staff related to home network issues.

Security as Flexible as Today’s Workforce

Enterprise-grade security built to protect businesses from home network vulnerabilities. Beautiful design with consumer simplicity.

Product Experience

Simple and Scalable IT Operations

Simple and Scalable IT Operations

  • Integrates seamlessly with Prisma Access to expand SASE security.

  • Reduces complexity of management and deployment with a single console.

  • Provides premium support with 24/7 priority access, remote setup and in-home services, to reduce burden on IT.

Secure Your Personal Devices

Secure Personal Networks, Privately

  • Protects personal devices from phishing, ransomware and other cyberthreats.

  • Provides privacy by separating personal and corporate networks.

  • Safeguards family from unwanted content with customized permissions, content filtering and ad blocking.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We used to have 15 worldwide offices and about 4,000 employees to support. Now we have 4,015 remote work branches to protect and support!”

– Network Connectivity Manager, Enterprise SaaS Company

“I am looking for a work-from-home solution that provides wireless, ease of use and dynamic updates that can replace the multiple solutions we use today from other vendors.”

– Global Head of IT Engineering, Fortune 500 Company

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