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Introducing Cortex XSOAR® 8 for MSSPs.

Navigating security automation.

Your guide to a successful automation journey.

Leading the Pack: Cortex XSOAR

GigaOm Radar rated Cortex® XSOAR™ exceptional for essential SecOps features.

Why Embrace

Why Embrace SOAR?

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Get a custom ROI report

Get a custom ROI report

Understand the true business value of an XSOAR investment.
Cortex XSOAR Community Edition

Cortex XSOAR Community Edition

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When it comes to incident response, SOC teams must shift their thinking to an automation-first mindset.

Putting humans at the frontlines of incident response is no longer sustainable. Modern SOCs are incorporating automation into their incident response workflows to maximize operational efficiencies.

  • Reduce alert noise and surface critical incidents

  • Eliminate repetitive, manual tasks

  • Facilitate analyst investigation and collaboration

  • Map external threats to SOC incidents

Attack Surface Management (ASM) Approach
Why Cortex XSOAR

Supercharge incident response across your SOC. Reduce time spent on incidents by 90%.*

*Reported time savings from aggregated customer use cases, including Palo Alto Networks SOC.

Designed for Security Analysts

  • Automate Your Manual Workflows

    900+ prebuilt integration and automation packs. 1,000s of security actions for DIY playbooks. Visual playbook editor for code-free automation.
  • Speed Up Your Incident Investigations

    Virtual war room for incident investigation and collaboration. ChatOps and CLI for on-the-fly investigation. Auto-documentation for knowledge sharing and audit reporting. Machine learning to aid analysts.
    Speed Up Your Incident Investigations
  • Act On Your Threat Intel

    Automate indicator processing and scoring. Map external threats to your incidents. Auto-push the latest indicators to EDLs. Unique high-fidelity threat intel from Unit 42™.
    Act On Your Threat Intel
  • Deploy Across Your Stack

    Find what you need in the Marketplace to orchestrate incident response across your entire product stack.
    Deploy Across Your Stack
Speed Up Your Incident Investigations
Act On Your Threat Intel
Deploy Across Your Stack

Our Palo Alto Networks SOC uses XSOAR to save an average of 2,600 analyst hours a month. XSOAR performs the work equivalent of 16 FTEs.

Our Palo Alto Networks SOC uses XSOAR to save an average of 2,600 analyst hours a month. XSOAR performs the work equivalent of 16 FTEs.

See What XSOAR Can Do for You

Enrich data, improve alert triage and automate repetitive tasks to reduce your investigation time from hours to just minutes. Discover your potential ROI and operational efficiency gains based on your organization with a customized report.

  • 90%


  • 89%


  • 75%


Build Your Own Security Automation Program

Here are four tips we’ve garnered from working on thousands of SOAR deployments:

Now that you are ready to start on your automation journey, how do you identify the best use cases for automation? In this webinar, our XSOAR experts provide insights from their experience onboarding our own customers.

Better Together

Cortex® XSOAR™ is integrated with the Cortex platform for a seamless user experience and ease of deployment. Use XSOAR to orchestrate incident response and automate workflows across your Palo Alto Networks portfolio and extract more value out of your security investment.

Take It to the Next Level

These are just a sample of things you are doing every day that can be automated. Our Cortex Customer Success and Professional Services teams can help you optimize your deployment to realize the full potential of your automation investment.

SOAR onboarding assistance

  • Customer journey kickoff
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Service configuration
  • Use case assistance
  • Training, documentation and workshops

SOAR platform support

  • Support community
  • Support portal
  • Telephone support
  • Response time (S1)
  • Slack DFIR private channel

Optimized SOAR experience

  • Annual health check
  • Customized success plans
  • Periodic operations reviews
  • Executive business reviews
  • Executive business reviews

Not Ready to Go It Alone?

We partner with hundreds of Managed Service Providers worldwide to offer security automation as a service. If you are an MSSP looking to partner with the industry leader in SOAR, you can get more details about the program and our robust multitenant platform here.

Hear from our customers

Cortex XSOAR allowed us to orchestrate all the activities we used to perform manually, resulting in the optimization of all the processes.

Head of Cyber Security Prevention and Transformation,

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