A look at the future, featuring Kevin Mitnick
and Forrester's Joseph Blankenship and the
launch of Threat Intelligence Management 3.0

Next Lets You Run
Security Like a

Industry's leading SOC platform for threat detection, response and automation.
Threat Intelligence Management, Elevated

Threat Intelligence Management, Elevated

A look at the future, featuring Kevin Mitnick and Forrester’s Joseph Blankenship, and the launch of Threat Intelligence Management 3.0
The Launch of Third-Generation XDR

Next Has Arrived| The Launch of Third-Generation XDR

See the reveal and learn what it takes to stay ahead in the cyber arms race.
50% of orgs have been attacked on unknown assets

50% of orgs have been attacked on unknown assets| Continuously discover and monitor your attack surface with Cortex Xpanse.

Solve your top SecOps challenges

  • Stop breaches with complete visibility and coordinated response

    Unify your defenses and stop more threats with the industry’s first extended detection and response platform.

  • Automate incident response and speed investigations

    Supercharge your security operations with proven, playbook-driven automation.

  • Discover and monitor all internet-facing assets

    Reduce your mean time to inventory (MTTI) with an outside-in view of your attack surface.

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One integrated platform for security operations

Shift from dozens of siloed SOC tools to Cortex and unleash the power of analytics, AI and automation to secure what’s next:
  • Collect all your security data in one place for full visibility and faster investigations
  • Reclaim your nights and weekends by automating manual SOC tasks
  • Stitch together network, endpoint, cloud and identity data to accurately detect threats
  • Get a single source of truth for all your public-facing assets and synchronize findings with other tools
  • Ensure all your IT and security tools play well together with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations
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Why Cortex


Cortex brings together best-in-class threat detection, prevention, attack surface management and security automation capabilities into one integrated platform. This lets you build an efficient, adaptable and responsive SOC that’s designed for a constantly evolving threat environment.


Palo Alto Networks delivers industry-first, category-defining technologies by focusing on product development and innovation. Cortex solutions have transformed security operations by continuously bringing new features to market that boost security efficacy and disrupt the status quo.


Cortex solutions harness the power of the cloud and intelligent engineering to deliver unmatched scale and agility. Whether it’s mapping the entire public-facing IPv4 IP space in 45 minutes or effortlessly applying machine learning to data from millions of endpoints, Cortex provides incredible speed and scale.

Enable better, faster security

Cortex transforms enterprises by collecting, integrating, analyzing and enriching all of your security data to stop modern attacks.

Trusted by the world’s best companies

See Cortex in action

See Cortex in action

Experience firsthand how you can automate and streamline your security operations.