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Security infrastructure cost reduction and avoidance saves $9.8 million

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“Palo Alto Networks proved to have better technology that can better secure our network.”

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Highest possible rating of AAA, blocking 100% of evasions

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Navigating the SaaS Security Jungle

Find out how a modern next-generation CASB approach can protect all your applications, data and users across all locations and workloads.


Expand Your Protections


Best-of-Breed Meets Platform

  • Consistent, scaled prevention without added infrastructure
  • Network effect of 30K+ customers delivers updates in seconds
  • Highest efficacy and ROI of any security provider

Deployment Options

Integrated regardless of form factor

  • Hardware - PA-Series
  • Software - VM-Series and CN-Series
  • Cloud Service - Prisma Access

Unit 42 Threat Intelligence Team

Enhance your protections

Unit 42 collects and analyzes data from around the globe, feeding threat intelligence into an automation engine for rapid and consistent protections across all enforcement points.


Reduce complexity with integrated innovations

Our security technologies are natively integrated into our ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls regardless of form factor, providing full security across your network, endpoints and the cloud.
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  • Workload reduction
  • Vendors replaced
  • Prevention delivery
    <10 sec
  • Workload reduction
  • Vendors replaced
  • Prevention delivery
    <10 sec


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